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A warm welcome from Quality Matters, Able Health’s resource for practice administrators working on the transition to value-based care.

At Able, we believe the emerging field of quality management is one of the most important in healthcare. In practices across the country, administrators are facing an avalanche of quality metrics across hundreds of quality programs. They are rising to the challenge, and in the process creating the new field of quality management. They are tracking practice performance patient by patient, sifting through hundreds of pages of policy documentation, and facilitating change management across the practice.

In our products, we strive to empower quality managers, and all those administrators who are taking on more and more quality-related work. We help admins prioritize high-value tasks with administrative decision support tools to rival best clinical decision support tools. Healthcare administration also needs innovation for value-based reimbursement to work.

But we don’t want to limit ourselves to helping only those practices that can use the Able platform. Quality Matters is our favorite side project, where we get to offer practical tips based on our experience with many quality managers (most of whom are doing the work of two or three people). Quality Matters is a collection of practical information about how practices can participate successfully in quality programs and make the transition to value-based care.

If you have a question that’s not answered here, you can submit one to ask@ablehealth.co. Our resident quality expert, Emily Richmond, who has spent her career leading quality programs in the public and private sectors, will respond by email and post her favorite questions (anonymized) to our Ask Able column. Believe us, it’s better than Medicare’s QualityNet Help Desk.

Browse away, and sign up to receive updates below. We hope it helps.

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Rachel Katz

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