Need to Know: Qualified Clinical Data Registry reporting for PQRS in 2015


The Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) reporting option for PQRS is in its second year in 2015. A QCDR is a CMS-approved entity that collects clinical data for the purpose of patient and disease tracking to improve the quality of care provided to patients. Like qualified registries, QCDRs collect and submit PQRS quality measure data on your behalf to meet PQRS reporting requirements.

The data submitted to CMS via a QCDR is not limited to Medicare Part B beneficiaries. Instead, it covers quality measures across multiple payers and may even include non-PQRS quality measures. Satisfactory reporting for PQRS using the QCDR reporting mechanism is referred to as “satisfactorily participating,” since non-PQRS measures can be reported.

To satisfactorily participate in PQRS via the QCDR reporting mechanism and avoid the 2016 PQRS negative payment adjustment, providers must meet the following criteria:

  • Report at least 9 measures covering at least 3 National Quality Strategy domains AND report each measure for at least 50% of your applicable patients (covered by any insurance provider) seen during the reporting period.
  • Of the measures that are reported, at least 2 must be outcome measures. If you cannot find at least 2 outcome measures that apply to your clinical practice, then you must report at least one outcome measure and at least one of the following measure types: resource use, patient experience of care, efficiency/appropriate use, or patient safety.

To find a list of CMS-approved QCDRs for 2015, refer to the CMS-approved 2015 Qualified Clinical Data Registry list. More information about reporting PQRS via a QCDR can be found on the CMS Qualified Clinical Data Registry web page, or send a question to Ask Able.

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