APM Scoring Standard for the Medicare Shared Savings Program (All Tracks)


APM Scoring Standard for MSSP

This post is part of our series breaking down important aspects of the final Quality Payment Program (QPP) rule for 2017. This post pertains to Shared Savings Program participants who will be evaluated under the MIPS Alternative Payment Model (APM) Scoring Standard.

If this is not you, or you aren’t sure:

For Shared Savings ACO participants eligible for MIPS, there are significant scoring advantages compared to participants who are not in a MIPS APM. MSSP ACOs will only need to submit additional data for MIPS beyond the MSSP program requirements in one of the four MIPS categories, Advancing Care Information. MSSP ACOs will also automatically receive a 100% score in the Improvement Activities category.

Here is a full summary of the APM scoring standard for MSSP participants:

Category Reporting requirements Category scoring Weight in Composite Performance Score
Quality MSSP ACOs submit quality measures via the CMS Web Interface on behalf of their participating MIPS eligible clinicians
  • Quality will be scored at the ACO level
  • The MIPS Quality performance category requirements and benchmarks will be used for scoring
Cost  MIPS eligible clinicians will not be assessed on cost
  • N/A
Advancing Care Information All ACO participant TINs in the ACO submit for the ACI category according to the MIPS group reporting requirements
  •  All ACO participant TIN scores will be aggregated as a weighted average based on the number of MIPS eligible clinicians in each TIN to yield a single APM Entity group score
Improvement Activities  No additional reporting necessary
  • 50% credit will be automatically awarded for participation in an APM
  • CMS will assign the same Improvement Activities score to each Shared Savings ACO based on the activities required of participants in the program
  • CMS has stated that given the activities required by Shared Savings ACOs, successful participation will result in a 100% score in this category for all Shared Savings Program ACOs in 2017

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