Submitting MIPS through the new CMS website: what it can and can’t do

CMS MIPS submission website

At the beginning of 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services announced a new web portal which allows providers to complete part of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) data submission through an authenticated website. At Able Health, we have gotten many questions about the website and what it can and cannot do. Here are three quick, clear answers to common questions about the new submission portal.

What is the new CMS MIPS attestation portal?

This new attestation portal is a website where eligible clinicians and groups can attest for the Improvement Activities and Advancing Care Information categories under MIPS. Quality measures that are Registry measures, QCDR measures, and claims-based measures cannot be reported through this submission portal. For those clinicians doing EHR reporting, you can upload your QRDA III file (the aggregate quality measure report from your EHR) via this new website, similar to QRDA III upload option in previous years.

I was planning to use a Registry, can I just use this portal instead?

You cannot submit Registry or QCDR measures in the Quality category through the CMS website. Therefore, if you want to submit Registry or QCDR measures for MIPS, you will need to do so through a third party. Many providers opt for Registry or QCDR measures because they offer significantly more flexibility to choose measures that best fit your practice, particularly for specialists, and they give you more control over the data used in the measure calculation.

You could choose to use a Registry or QCDR for the Quality category and the new attestation portal for ACI and Improvement Activities. Some registries enable you to model your MIPS score across all three performance categories, which would be one advantage to tracking all the data in one place. At the same time, you should ensure that you are not paying extra for ACI and Improvement Activities reporting through your Registry or QCDR, since you can report those categories for free through the new portal.

What is the difference between the new MIPS attestation portal and the CMS Web Interface?

Now that there are multiple web portals, the terminology can get confusing! Here is a quick comparison:

Name Who is it for? Which categories can you submit? How does it work?
The CMS Web Interface Groups with 25 or more eligible clinicians Quality Groups must opt in to this reporting option midway through the performance year. Groups who opt in will receive a beneficiary list at the beginning of the submission window (January through March of the year following the performance year), and these groups are required to report on measure results for a certain number of beneficiaries.
The CMS MIPS attestation portal Any eligible clinician or group reporting MIPS Improvement Activities, Advancing Care Information (ACI) Clinicians and groups must register for an Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) account. Using these credentials, clinicians and groups can log in and manually attest for Improvement Activities and ACI.


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