Take control of your performance

From calculating Medicare and HEDIS measures to engaging clinicians and health plans, managing value-based programs can take an army of administrators and IT staff. Able Health simplifies administration, customized to your specific programs, so you can ease today's reporting requirements and set your organization up for the future of healthcare reimbursements.

Run measures continuously

Able Health calculates evidence-based measures as soon as new data is made available from EHR systems, claims, and other sources. Tell us which measures you need, or work with us to develop custom measures that fit your organization’s needs.

Key benefits:

  • Calculate your program’s exact measures, so you know exactly what to do to meet requirements
  • See measure results early in the performance year so you can improve workflows
  • Use data from multiple sources to get full credit on performance measures
Report successfully across programs

Be prepared for reporting deadlines from the day you start using Able Health. We give you visibility into performance at the organization, provider, and patient level to facilitate reporting—including MIPS submission through the Able Health Qualified Registry. When you track continuously, reporting becomes easy.

Key benefits:

  • Meet reporting requirements across your programs
  • Have insight into data prior to submission, so there are no surprises when it’s time to report
  • Streamline MIPS registry submission
Get the insights you need without IT

Is your organization meeting the program benchmark for HEDIS HbA1c Good Control? Which of Dr. Lopez’s patients have gaps in care on MIPS measures? Able Health allows administrators to run queries like these, with applicable source data displayed to support validation and root cause analysis.

Key benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of IT development and support
  • Take action on your data faster
  • Minimize required training with easy-to-use software
Inform care management

Able Health makes it easy for care managers and other staff members to create and share lists of patients with gaps in care, so they can reach out to patients, schedule appointments, and prepare for visits.

Key benefits:

  • Close gaps in care continuously to maximize program incentives
  • Help patients achieve their best outcomes
  • Improve care team satisfaction
Motivate clinicians

Able Health automatically generates beautiful clinician scorecards and leaderboards, with clinical and financial information designed to motivate improvement. And with patient-level data available in the application, your clinicians can trust and take action on their performance data.

Key benefits:

  • Inspire teams to improve against the organization’s goals
  • Foster a culture of high performance
  • Build trust between clinicians and administrators


“Able Health is designed to be simple, direct, and most importantly, incorporated into a provider’s workflow—something most everyone else misses the boat on.”

Director of Health IT

Able Health Customer

“This dashboard is so clear. It has all the information I want presented in a simple way, and none of the extra complexity that I don’t want to see.”

Medical Director
Able Health Customer

“When I saw the product go live, I had hearts in my eyes about using all the features.”

Quality Manager
Able Health Customer